MTB22 VCO token launch

6 May – 25 July, 2022

Our fifth cryptoasset is here. Welcome MTB22!

This year we had high quality grapes and although less in quantity than other years, we hope to have a great Mike Tango Bravo 2022.

We have wine for 8,192. bottles and the same number of tokens.

Since 2018 we have issued 64,004 tokens in total! This is how many have been per year:

  •         2018: 16,384
  •         2019: 17,707
  •         2020: 9,600
  •         2021: 12,121
  •         2022: 8,192

During the VCO, we offered 4,096 tokens. The crowdsale run from May 6 until July 25. After July 25, you can still buy tokens (and sell), but the price will go up or down depending on supply and demand.

They will be available on our Viniswap exchange where you can also keep buying and selling our previous tokens: MTB18, MTB19, MTB20 and MTB21.

If you have questions and want to know more visit: You can also join our community and be the first one to find out the latest news about Costaflores. Find us in Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and (coming soon) Discord.