This 2020 harvest in 360º

What a strange time for a beautiful coronavino!

Since our first commercial harvest in 2007, we have never picked grapes before the 1st of April…but this year was different.

A hot and dry summer here in Mendoza meant that nearly every winery in the region picked grapes earlier than normal…much earlier. Our Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon organic grapes were ready to coferment when we picked them on the 19th and 20th of March. And the 20th of March was the day the COVID-19 lockdown started in Argentina.

Given the season, we have picked our healthiest grapes to date, but on the down side, our plants only yielded half the grapes of 2019, so this year we are producing 9600 bottles, as compared to last year’s 17707.

But all is good! We are happy to have an excellent quality grape for Mike Tango Bravo 2020. All around in Mendoza, this has been seen as an excellent grape harvest and wine year. Certainly, more than one wine geek is going to lay down bottles of 2020 to remember our bizarrest year.


We tested out our Ricoh Theta 360º camera during the harvest, and produced a 360º timelapse video that you can see on our YouTube channel. If you watch the video on your smartphone, just point your phone in the direction you want to watch the harvesting taking place, or scroll around if you are watching on your computer. The first half of the video is Mike walking to the platform in the middle of the vineyard, and the second half is the harvest time-lapse. The music for the video was done by Toni Gutiérrez, the genius behind Vinophonics.