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The Openvino case will be presented at the most important IoT event in the world

October 29 to 31, Barcelona

The Openvino case will be presented at IoT Solutions World Congress 2019, the world's largest Internet of Things event, which will take place in Barcelona from October 29 to 31.

In the event there will be 9 major themes, and Openvino will ... read more

Vinophonics was the world leading tech innovation on show at Sonar+D


Vinophonics was the best atraction on show at Sonar+D festival, according to the prestigious Barcelona-Metropolitan website.

This is what they published about it:

Costaflores Vineyard

Wine, cryptocurrency and ... read more

Final days of the MTB19 ICO

6 May - 25 July, 2019

We are coming up on the final days of the MTB19 ICO because the crowdsale is running until the 25th of July.

Therefore this is your opportunity to buy our digital token MTB19, and our wine Mike Tango Bravo 2019.

We issue17707 MTB19 tokens, backed by the 17707 bottles produced in our MTB 2 ... read more

Discussing the future of Fine Wine in Bordeaux

July 4-6, Bordeaux, France

In this time of rapid change, Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines (FM4FW) is dedicated to fostering conversation and collaboration from top thinkers in all walks of life that will actively help shape the future of Fine Wine, whilst preserving its cultural heritage, craftsmanship and artisana ... read more

Costaflores will be at the Naturebas Fair

29th and 30th of June, Sao Paulo

It is the first - and still only - fair in Brazil specialized in natural, organic and biodynamic wines, gradually becoming the main reference on the subject in Latin America. The fair started with 100 visitors and 20 exhibitors in 2013. Today the fair has grown to more than 1500 visitors and 100 ... read more

This 2019 harvest was extraordinary!

This year, we harvested the equivalent of 17707 bottles of MTB

We all thought that the 2018 harvest had been an excellent one, and it was both in quality and quantity. But to our surprise, 2019 was even better!

With just the right amount of hot days during the summer and not too much rain, we didn’t have any issues with disease on ... read more

MTB19 ICO token launch

6 May - 25 July, 2019

Last year we launched the world’s first, wine-backed cryptoasset: MTB18.

Now, the MTB19 ICO is here!

This is our digital token MTB19, and our wine Mike Tango Bravo 2019.

We are issuing 17707 MTB19 tokens, backed by the 17707 bottles produced in our MTB 2019 vintage.

The pric ... read more

Mike Barrow en Vinoteca Sabores y Vinos

on April 2019, Córdoba, Argentina

Degustación privada para clientes y amigos de la vinoteca.

Mike Barrow, propietario de Bodega Costaflores presentará en vivo los vinos MTB* y el revolucionario proyecto Openvino por primera vez en la ciudad de Córdoba.

Los invitamos a que nos acompañen e ... read more

Openvino at the EthCC of Paris 2019

on 5th, 6th and 7th of March 2019 at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

The Ethereum Community Conference, ( is one of the most important events of the year for the Ethereum development community, and we were proud to present Openvino on the big stage on the 6th of March.

Over 1000 people participated ... read more

Openvino at the RedHat open talks of Barcelona 2019

on February 2019

On our global tour in February, we were able to present Openvino twice in Barcelona: at the first edition of Red Hat "Open Talks" and at SEAT, to the automobile industry.

Openvino at the Blockchain talks of Amsterdam 2019

on 14th of February 2019 at Amsterdam

Valentines day in Amsterdam! We were invited by Blockchaintalks to share the Openvino story with a vibrant community of developers, entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts.

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