MTB20 ICO token launch

6 May – 25 July, 2020

Two years ago we launched the world’s first, wine-backed cryptoasset: MTB18.

Last year, we issued 17,707 MTB19 tokens.

Now the MTB20 is here!

This is our digital token MTB20, from our extraordinary harvest for our wine: Mike Tango Bravo 2020.

This year we had excellent quality grapes at harvest, but a smaller quantity from years before, so this year we are issuing only 9600 MTB20 tokens, backed by the 9600 bottles produced in this year’s vintage.

The price of our tokens/bottles during the ICO is 73 MTB20 = 1 ETH, which, depending on the day of the week is somewhere around $2.90 USD.

What is interesting about this year’s ICO is that you can now buy the tokens directly from our Viniswap exchange! Just point your web3 enabled browser with your wallet (i.e. Trust, metamask, etc.) to and you can purchase MTB20 tokens directly from the crowdsale, and buy/sell MTB18 and MTB19 tokens according to the market rate.

To find out more, go to