The Magnum harvest

This year we have a very special announcement: for the MTB* 2023 production we will have 1,024 MAGNUM bottles.

MAGNUM means a 1.5 litre bottle of wine. It can also translate as grand, great, magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style. This is the perfect word to describe all the exceptional qualities of the wine produced in this harvest.

More details of the MTB* 2023 as follows:

-The content: 1.5 litres of delicious wine.

-The label: as this harvest was so rare and unique, we have decided to make a new label design. 

-The packaging: by the time you can burn your tokens (2026), we will have completely developed our mycelium packaging, made partly from our vine waste. So, after you get your MTB* delivery, you can break the box and feed it to your plants or trees, generating zero waste.

-The grapes: we are sad to say this is the least amount of wine that we have ever produced. During 2022 the whole region suffered from some unfortunate weather, such as hail storms, frost and a lack of winter snow and rain to provide irrigation water. Our grapevines therefore had to get strong to overcome the irrigation problems and this reduced the quantity but NOT the quality: the personality of the grape we have very high hopes for!

The token launch will be from the 6th of May until the 25th of July and, as we do every year, this first sale will be at production cost.

1 MTB23 TOKEN = 1 bottle of MAGNUM MTB* 2023

You can still buy tokens from previous years in addition to MTB23 at VINISWAP. Get them before they run out!

** 6th of May, 2023: The token release has been put on hold for a few days, due to unforeseen congestion and high transaction costs on Ethereum Mainnet. This should be temporary and we will keep you informed.